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The importance of great customer service in a medical practice

So…. Think about the last time you went to a store or restaurant and received terrible service. You probably walked out of the place in a bad mood and vowed to never return. Well, that’s what I do, and then you also feel that you want to complain about it on social media, send their HO a nasty email, etc.

While I think it is normal to feel that way, it happens frequently in today’s world. A company’s reputation is constantly at risk of being taken down by it’s bad reputation, a reputation caused mostly by employees’ no care attitude and slow service.

It’s the same for those working in the medical profession, except you don’t run the risk of burning someone’s food….


Customer service plays a very important role in many aspects of a medical practice’s day to day operations from the moment the patient walks through the door, or making a call, until they leave the practice, and then some more.

The amount of effort you put towards the customer experience says a lot about the care you provide. Your patients want to feel good about upcoming appointments and you want them to feel that they have someone on their team when they walk into the practice, for the patients because they are scared and don’t know what to expect, and for you because you don’t know what that patient is going through at that stage.

When medical practices fail to meet these levels of service, they reinforce the popular misconception that doctors want patients in and out of the practice quickly and are just trying to make money out of them quickly.

As with any organization today, your practice’s reputation is then at risk, and it only takes a few bad reviews of your services posted online to start making some serious dents.

If your patient is happy with the service and attention they have received from the doctor and the frontline staff, the chances of them going back to the practice and even referring someone to the doctor is highly probable.

For someone like me who has been working in customer care, medical practices for 20+ years, the customer always comes first. You as a medical receptionist, practice manager, doctor etc. leave your personal problems at home and come to work with a smile and love for each patient that walks through your practice door. They are scared and unsure when they come and see you and if they are angry or rude, it’s not personal. You want them to know that you understand and are there to comfort them if they need anything, current, past, and future….

Posted by CredEBill Billing Solutions on October 28, 2021
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