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Medical Billing Management Software


Read about who we are and our vision for the future.

Be different,
Be better

In a world of complacency, carelessness and poor service, CredEBill strives to be better


The medical industry has been confronted with many changes of the last 20 years, and we've had to weather the storm.  Then came COVID.  For most, all income was lost for 12 months and it will take years to recover and recoup what was lost. Medical practices had to depend on recovery of bad debt for some form of income during this time. Many medical practitioners have found their destiny abroad, but we have stayed in our resilient and beautiful country, despite the fact that we may have many political and systemic forces that influence the medical sector.

You can complain and emigrate or you can become part of the solution.

Our history has taught us to be resilient and adapt to change and remain united, focused and positive. Our focus is to add value and create partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

The team is made up of all South-African nationalities and we can therefore assist in all our local languages. Our squad offers a unique solution to an old problem.

We are proudly South-African.

Our Vision

  • To offer a relevant, up-to-date solution at a fair price.
  • To be mutually beneficial. This is key in any successful business partnership and it's exactly what we are: a partner, not a service provider.
  • To leverage the resources available in the industry and apply them to your unique needs.
  • To stay on the cutting edge. In an industry that evolves daily, keeping up takes vision and active management.
  • To bill fairly. Being cheap is the oldest way in history to draw a crowd that does not value quality.
  • To be transparent in what we charge and add good value for money.

Our vision is not to copy an age-old solution under a different umbrella. Rain remains wet, this will never change. It's what you use to keep you dry that has changed and will continue to evolve.

Our Mission

  • To build partnerships, not grow a client base.
  • To add value to our clients' practices in the specific areas of their businesses they find challenges.
  • To tailor-make a unique solution for every client who has unique needs.

The monopolies of this world want us to conform to their ways. We will rebel against it, in the knowledge that we all have unique needs and challenges.

Our service is tailored to the needs of your practice and is based upon our state of the art software which has been designed specifically for our business. We understand that every practice is unique and therefore our approach is one of consultation and partnership rather than just as a supplier.

One of our biggest assets is our experience, which puts us in an excellent position to understand the impact of the dynamic changes that are currently taking place in the market. This means CredEBill is in the best position to offer the correct advice.

We cater for all consultants; this includes those just starting out in private practice, established independent consultants of any size operating in any speciality, group practices with multiple providers, clinics and hospitals.
We take the responsibility for timely and accurate submission of your invoices; whether to the insurer, embassy, patient or other liable party. We deploy the latest technologies to apply electronic submission and collection methods to maximise efficiency, speed and optimise your cash flow. Our understanding of clinical coding and insurer rules and contracting approaches allow us to minimise delays in ensuring your invoice reaches its recipient accurately and securely.
Medical Billing Management Software

is your complete medical billing solution. It is effective, very affordable and appraised by performance.

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