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Medical Billing Management Software

Why Choose Us?

Discover what makes CredEBill the right choice for your practice.
We will address any unique challenge you have in your practice.
We will meet, evaluate and then offer a tailor made solution for you. You do not adjust to our service offering. We adjust to your need.
Cred-E-Bill is the result of a billing department from a very busy casualty unit in Johannesburg.
Our staff has extensive billing experience and are trained to deal with unique cases. They thrive under pressure.
Our managing director have in excess of 20 years billing experience.
We use the latest software available in the industry, and it offers live online access from anywhere, anytime, on any platform.
We don’t just focus on the easy billing of medical aid patients. We run private patients, RAF and IOD.
Our fee is based on the value we add to your practice, we do not simply invoice on your turnover. Turnover is not income.
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